Oculus cracks down on Rift scalpers reselling hardware on eBay

Yes, we're all excited to get our hands on the consumer version of Oculus' VR gear, but that doesn't mean that the company doesn't take too kindly to scalpers offering dev kits ahead of time. After banning any orders from China after resellers tried to buy them at extreme rates, the Facebook-owned business has now turned its attentions to individuals who were trying to make a fast buck on eBay. When the community spotted one of the forthcoming DK2 development kits being listed for $5,000 and reported it, Oculus found the pre-order and swiftly cancelled it. The VR firm has also reminded would-be buyers that second hand sales don't come with a warranty, so even if you did spend that sort of cash but the hardware was faulty, it'd be hard cheese.