Tesla's next charger will automatically connect to your car, 'for realz'

One of the constant (if minor) hassles of electric car ownership is having to plug in whenever you get home. Wouldn't it be nice if the charger could do that for you? That may just happen. Tesla's Elon Musk has revealed that his company is working on a charger that automatically extends from the wall and attaches to your vehicle like a "solid metal snake." It'll work with both current Model S variants and future cars, too. Tesla isn't providing any more details about the gear at this stage, but it notes that Musk hinted at the P85D event (see the video below at the 9:20 mark) that the company would "probably" do something along these lines -- the key is that this is now "for realz," as the exec puts it. In other words, you may well see this reptilian power outlet in your garage before long.