Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives on phones

Been jonesing to see what Windows 10 looks like on smaller screens? You now have your chance. Microsoft has just released a Technical Preview of the new OS for smartphones. This extra-early version won't include the next-gen Spartan browser and still has a lot of unfinished elements, but it'll give you a good sneak peek at Action Center upgrades, across-the-board voice dictation support and the better photo browser. Future test builds will also bring the much-improved Calendar and Mail apps, unified messaging and phone versions of universal Office apps.

With that said, don't be surprised if you have to sit out this initial release. Joining the Windows Insider Program is easy, but the preview works only on the Lumia 630 series, the Lumia 730 (not the 735) and the Lumia 830. Unfortunately, Microsoft has to tweak the update process before you can experiment on higher-end gear like the Lumia Icon. If you're part of that lucky qualifying bunch and don't mind dealing with bugs, though, there's nothing holding you back.