You can use your Pinterest account to log into other apps

It's now easier to "pin" images you like from Instagram, Etsy and Polyvore, thanks to the first fruits of Pinterests' developer platform released back in May. The app/website now features IFTTT and Polyvore integration, letting you log into those services with a Pinterest account and do some serious cross-posting. For instance, if you link it with IFTTT, you can easily pin any photo straight from Instagram or Etsy (among other websites) and take advantage of Pinterest recipes, such as the one that automatically tweets photos you pin.

If you're into Polyvore, the integration lets you quickly pin photo sets, but only via desktop and iOS devices at the moment. Polyvore's a fashion and beauty website where you can assemble pictures of clothes, accessories and makeup that you think would make a good outfit in a single digital canvas. If more services introduce Pinterest integration in the future, it just might become a viable (and perhaps a more anonymous) alternative to Facebook-, Twitter- and Google-based log-ins.