Razer stuffs colored lighting into more gaming keyboards and keypads

Razer has been decking out seemingly every gaming peripheral it makes with many-colored Chroma lighting, and there's no signs of that trend letting up any time soon. The company has rolled out Chroma versions of both its slim, laptop-like DeathStalker keyboard and its Orbweaver keypad, giving you even more ways to put on a light show while you play. Both let you pick from 16.8 million shades, including in multiple zones on the keyboard. As before, you can even sync colors and light patterns between other Chroma devices -- handy if you want to change the mood between games, or just show off at your next tournament. Just be prepared to pay for the pretty. Both Chroma devices are shipping very shortly, but you'll shell out $100 for the DeathStalker and $130 for its Orbweaver sibling.

Razer's Orbweaver Chroma keypad