Withings unveils a sleep-savvy clock and more Android support

Like the idea of Withings' Aura improving your sleep cycles, but don't need a $300 gadget tracking every last nuance of your slumber? You're in luck. Withings is rolling out a lower-cost device, the $190 Connected Alarm Clock, that keeps the sleep-regulating light and sound patterns while ditching the biometric sensor. And speaking of audio, both the clock and the Sleep System are getting a Spotify tie-in -- you can now use the streaming service's music catalog to fall asleep or wake up, complete with suggested playlists based on both their effectiveness and your genre tastes.

Today is also a good day if you're an Android user. Withings has announced that its entire device lineup will support Android, not just a handful of devices -- if you want to control the Home HD security camera from your Galaxy or Nexus, you can. It hasn't detailed the exact rollout, but Android support for the Home HD should be available now.

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