Facebook will help the UN bring internet access to refugee camps

Refugees already have a hard life, but that's made worse by the typical lack of internet access at refugee camps -- unless you resettle, you may never get online. Facebook isn't content with this state of affairs, however, and is promising to help the United Nations bring internet access to those camps. Company chief Mark Zuckerberg (who revealed the plans at a luncheon) didn't explain how and where this would take place, but it won't be shocking if Facebook relies on its upcoming internet drones to connect these sometimes remote places.

As with efforts from Google and Microsoft, this gesture isn't strictly about kindness. Facebook knows that more internet access means more potential users. As Mark Zuckerberg explains, though, this is an instance where everyone could benefit. Facebook gets more ad views, while refugees can communicate with the rest of the world and (hopefully) get closer to finding permanent homes.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Emrah Gurel]