Instagram's everyday spotlights give you a reason to explore

You now have a better reason to venture beyond your own Instagram feed.

If you've ventured into Instagram's Explore section during big holidays, you've probably noticed Spotlight Compilations, or collections of videos that share a theme, such as New Year's celebrations. And apparently, they've been quite popular -- so much so that Instagram will be making them a common sight from here on out. As of this week, you'll see Compilations based on everyday things, like animal duos. It's still easy to share the associated posts and follow creators, and Instagram tells our TechCrunch colleagues that there shouldn't be any ads.

This isn't just a way to send you more clips of cute animals, of course. The Compilations give you more reasons to come back to Instagram, and to expand the network of people you follow beyond your usual social network contacts. It's also a friendly way to remind you that Instagram video exists in the first place. While the option has been around for over two years, many people are either content with still shots or head to Vine to post their seconds-long movies. If this latest move pans out, video might be more the rule on Instagram than the exception.