Cast your vote for March's free PlayStation 4 indie game

Vote to Play is back and candidates include 'Action Henk' and the over-the-top 'BroForce.'

Free Lives / Devolver Digital

With the Iowa caucuses behind us, it's understandable if you want to make your voice heard again before this November. Well, PlayStation has your back because Vote to Play is making a return. Starting February 9th, you can once again vote for which of three indie game candidates will be a free PS Plus download for March. The program's been on hiatus since August for whatever reason, but this month's crop looks pretty solid.

First up we have Action Henk, a charming 2D platformer/racing game of sorts that looks like it's set in Andy's room from Toy Story and has you careening around Hot Wheels tracks and butt-sliding over building blocks. It's a little reminiscent of Joe Danger, if you ask me.

Then there's Assault Android Cactus which is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter at its core (think Geometry Wars or Everyday Shooter), with a cast of doe-eyed lady androids and support for four local co-op players. Or! in a strange twist of a publisher or developer not blocking the futuristic feature, Cactus supports Shareplay seeing as the game doesn't have native online co-op.

Lastly, BroForce (pictured above) is an over-the-top '80s action flick (think Rambo or any of Arnold Schwarzenegger's repertoire from that era) packed into a pixelated 2D shooter of yore. Because we all know that Contra could've been a little better with some self-referential jabs and maybe a few less cheap deaths.

Unlike political elections, this isn't so much of a "lesser of the evils" situation as it is actually, you know, picking the candidate that's genuinely the best one for you.