Teen responds to 'Overwatch' naysayers with a live skill display

Be careful when you accuse someone of using game hacks.

If you're good enough at a video game for people to claim that you're cheating, what do you do? Shrug it off? Talk smack in return? If you're Gegury, a 17-year-old Korean pro gamer, you prove you're clean to the whole world. When two rivals accused her of using hacks to dominate Overwatch, she didn't just get her name cleared by Blizzard. She went to game broadcaster Inven and livestreamed an hour-plus play session demonstrating that, yes, she's just that skilled.

It wasn't a perfect showcase (all the more proof that Gegury is honest), but it was enough. Those two accusers? They'd vowed to quit the pro gaming scene if it turned out that Gegury was above board, and they were true to their word -- they're both out. This doesn't mean that everything is sunshine and roses (Gegury faced a lot of stress from being falsely accused). However, it shows that you should always think twice before you say that someone is playing dirty. In the era of Twitch streams, they can easily call your bluff.