Apple's electric car might not hit the streets until 2021

Former Project Titan staff says Apple pushed back its timeline.


Apple's electric car initiative, dubbed 'Project Titan,' has been sort of an open secret for awhile now -- but how close the company is to actually releasing a vehicle is anybody's guess. Initial reports pegged 2019 as Apple's foray into the automotive industry. Some sources predicted the first cars to roll off the line in 2020. Today, that presumptive launch date gets pushed back just one more year: according to The Information, we may not see an Apple car until 2021.

This new target date reportedly comes from an employee who was only briefly working with the Project Titan team -- though during their time on the project, the delivery goal was apparently pushed from 2020 to 2021. The comment was presented as an aside in a profile piece on three brothers who worked on the project, but a delay wouldn't be out of the question. Earlier this year, the Project Titan's leader left Apple for personal reasons, and analysts have been wondering how the departure might effect the project's timeline. Even so, we still don't know when we'll see an Apple vehicle on the road. At least not until the folks in Cupertino decide to speak up.