Teen claims you can get free T-Mobile data through a proxy

Just don't count on this trick working for very long, or at all.

Ron Wurzer/AP Images for T-Mobile

One teen may have just achieved the dream of every cost-conscious wireless user: free, no-strings-attached mobile data. High school student Jacob Ajit claims to have discovered a trick that gets you all the T-Mobile data you want by using a proxy server. Reportedly, T-Mobile doesn't block sites with "/speedtest" in the address when you've run out of data on prepaid service. If you use the proxy to make it look like every site link has that text, you can surf to your heart's content at no charge beyond what it cost to get the SIM. Before you ask: sorry, folks, Ajit's proxy is down.

We've asked T-Mobile about the workaround, and we'll let you know if it can verify its authenticity and say what it's doing in response. With that said, Ajit is quick to acknowledge that his technique's effectiveness is likely short-lived at best. It'd be trivially easy for the Uncarrier to restrict access, and it won't be surprising if the hole is completely closed by the time you read this (assuming it was truly open to begin with). You'd also need the wherewithal to set up and use a proxy in the first place. Look at it this way, though: if nothing else, the stunt shows that even big telecoms make simple mistakes.