Apple TV universal search now supports Apple Music, TBS and more

Save yourself a few clicks on the way to your next binge watching session.

As Apple continues to improve the one-stop streaming experience of Apple TV and its standalone TV app, the much-hyped universal search has finally added enough partners to make it a robust and useful feature. With a few updates this week, universal search on the fourth generation Apple TV now supports over 50 different streaming apps and services in the US -- meaning you can search for shows and content across Netflix, Apple Music, Animal Planet, TNT, TBS and dozens more right from Siri or the Search app.

Universal search also just added support for Apple Music, but that appears to be the limit of the music streaming options at the moment. Apple has a full list of supported services, but if you're outside the United States, you might find the options are still pretty limited. Either way, the new additions should be enough save you a few clicks before you settle into your next binge-watching session.