Nintendo will take the Switch on a 'Preview Tour' next month

A chance to play with the system before its launch in March.

Nintendo's next console launches in March, and the company wants everyone to know about it. Following its showcase on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Mario maker has confirmed a global tour for the Switch. It'll be shown off first in New York this January (13-15), followed by Toronto (27-29) and Pax South in San Antonio (27-29). It'll then head to Washington for three days in February (10-12), before making its way through Chicago (17-19) and San Francisco (24-26). The tour wraps up in March with stops in Los Angeles (3-5th), Pax East (16-18) and SXSW (16-18).

In each major city, the first two days will be an invite-only event. The third and final day will be open to everyone, however, so that curious fans can try the hardware for themselves. The PAX and SXSW showings will be a little different, allowing full access to the general public. While the new system has already been unveiled, we know little about its power, capabilities and software library. Nintendo has promised a "Switch Presentation" on January 12th, however, which should reveal more and lead nicely into its world tour. As much as I love The Legend of Zelda, it would be nice to see and play a few games that aren't Breath of the Wild.