These connected shoes could help you run faster, smarter and more safely

Sensoria and Vivobarefoot want lifestyle brands to incorporate their tech.

Power laces and 3D-printed materials aren't the only things shaping the future of footwear. If Sensoria and Vivobarefoot have their way, people could soon be wearing shoes packed with tech to help them run faster, smarter and more safely. Here at CES, the companies revealed a pair of concept sneakers that feature two removable chips and four pressure sensors near the heel area. Not only can the system measure speed, pace and track you via GPS, but it's also smart enough to learn your stride rate and foot-landing technique.

But what exactly can you do with this information? As it happens, there are companion web and mobile apps that use artificial intelligence to develop personalized training plans, using details it's gleaned about your overall running form. In theory, plans like these should help you run more efficiently and, perhaps most importantly, do a better job preventing injuries. What makes the idea especially interesting is that Sensoria and Vivobarefoot want to share their project with others -- namely, lifestyle and sportswear brands.

The shoe is only a prototype right now, so there's no way to know if it actually works as advertised. To that end, we'll have to wait until someone takes a chance on this tech to see if sneakers like these are everything they promise to be.

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