Faraday Future is scaling back its EV production plans

The company's roadmap now only includes two cars, not seven.

The troubles for Faraday Future don't seem to have an end in sight. According to Reuters, the company's making drastic changes to its production roadmap: Rather than building seven electric vehicles in the foreseeable future, as was originally planned, that will shift to only two. But there's more. Faraday Future is reportedly also scaling down its vision for a 3-million-square-foot plant in Nevada, which is now expected to be 650,000 square feet -- quite a downgrade.

Despite all of this, Faraday Future is still hoping to compete with Tesla soon. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters revealed that the firm plans to introduce an FF 81 model, one that's being pegged as a rival to Tesla's Model X SUV. Based on Faraday's reputation, though, don't hold your breath waiting for it to actually happen.

Update: A Faraday Future spokesperson provided Engadget the following statement:

As part of a long-term development plan to bring manufacturing facilities online at a steady pace, Faraday Future is moving forward with a multi-stage manufacturing strategy at APEX North Las Vegas. The initial phase of our Stage 1 Manufacturing Project, which included mass grading, was completed at the factory construction site last November. We will soon embark on the second phase of Stage 1 Manufacturing Project, which will include the construction of a facility on site.

We expect planning, engineering, and construction of this Stage 1 Manufacturing Project to proceed rapidly so that we can bring our flagship vehicle, the FF 91, to production more quickly. At a later date, this Stage 1 Manufacturing Project will be integrated into the Stage 2 Manufacturing Project, which is scheduled to start construction later this year.

Faraday Future remains committed to the State of Nevada and our $1B investment in the region over the next few years.