'Dissidia NT' brings ridiculous 'Final Fantasy' brawls to PS4

Finally, a chance to punch Noctis right in the face.

After making its transition from Sony's PSP to arcades, Square Enix's Dissidia series is coming back to PlayStation. While it's on the PS4 and not handheld this time around, it should ensure that that the battlers will look their best. Dissidia pits over 30 years of Final Fantasy heroes and villains against each other in a something more resembling a fighting title than an RPG. That said, you'll see all your damage shown in numbers, there are spells, summons, equipment, items and the rest. It's all still very Final Fantasy-esque.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT includes 20 characters, and will have the same three-man squad sysyem that appeared in arcades a few years back. At launch -- which is pegged for December 31st 2017 (whoops, Amazon) -- there will be ten battle arenas to generally smash your rivals into, as well as a new story mode written by Kazushige Nojima, who penned stories for both major Final Fantasy titles and Kingdom Hearts 2. Square Enix has also tapped Team Ninja (NT in reverse?) to help ensure the battle system works like it should -- or something better than the chaos that Dissidia battles often descended into.

The last home console version went as far as adding characters from Final Fantasy XIV, but Dissidia NT (NT doesn't stand for anything in particular, according to the company's recent livestream) will also tap into the series latest title. Yep, FFXV's Noctis is apparently already signed up, but we're still waiting to hear if the rest of his crew got a call. We're told there will be something playable at Square Enix's presence at E3, which kicks off next week. Expect more on this very soon.

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