McDonald's offers UK deliveries through UberEats

Now everyone can have a happy meal.

In the UK, there are many ways to stave off hunger without leaving the comfort of your home. Just-Eat, Deliveroo and Amazon Prime Now are but a few of the mobile apps that will deliver to your doorstep, however until today one particular restaurant chain has been impossible to obtain: McDonald's. Following a rollout in the US, the fast-food giant has now teamed up with UberEats in Britain. So yes, you can order a Big Mac meal whenever you're feeling lazy or hungover. We won't judge, promise.

It's being introduced as a limited trial in London, Leeds and Nottingham. In the capital, 22 restaurants will be supporting the scheme for anyone within a 1.5 mile radius. Uber is calling it a "soft launch," hence the limited availability, which will allow McDonald's to figure out "what works and learn from what doesn't." Service will run from 7am to 2pm, seven days per week, and orders will be handled entirely through the UberEats app. If it's successful, and we have a sneaky suspicion it will be, the restaurant chain will be a huge asset in Uber's fight with Amazon, Deliveroo and the rest.