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The Morning After: Friday, July 14th 2017

It's Friday.

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The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon Company

Hey, good morning!

Welcome to Friday morning! Netflix has claimed a load of Emmy nominations, Radiohead hid an ancient computer program in its album reissue and high-fashion's answer to Amazon has arrived.

Trophies incoming.
Netflix snags 91 Emmy nominations

The nominations for the 2017 Emmy Awards have been announced, and streaming services are all over the lists. In total, Netflix has 91 nominations, while Hulu has 18 and Amazon snagged 16. Of Netflix's nominations, 18 are in the key categories that will be broadcast September 17th, where newer shows like Master of None and Stranger Things join standbys like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

No phone, no computer.
Oculus has a $200 wireless VR headset in the works for 2018

We didn't know how long it would take Oculus to deliver a truly cord-free VR experience. Turns out, it might not be too long: Oculus is apparently developing a $200 wireless VR headset for release next year. The device, codenamed Pacific, won't just be an empty shell for your smartphone, like the Gear VR and DayDream View, it'll pack in all the hardware it needs for VR experiences.

From hardware-centric to software-centric.
AT&T's next-gen TV platform rollout will start on DirecTV Now

To unify its various video platforms, AT&T is launching a new next-gen platform across internet, satellite and IPTV. The first service to get the new look and feel will be DirecTV Now when a beta test kicks off later this year. That will also bring cloud DVR to the streaming service, while other features like 4K video and user profiles are also in the works.

Okay, computer.
Radiohead album hides an app that only runs on an '80s computer

In the age of the hipster, dust-covered and irrelevant mediums like the vinyl and cassette tape have slowly been given a new lease of life. Now, thanks to Radiohead, it looks like popular British computer the ZX Spectrum might be the next '80s relic to come back into fashion. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band's genre-bending opus, OK Computer, Radiohead has released a £100 (roughly $130) commemorative special edition of the album, entitled OKNOTOK.

The world of high fashion finally has its answer to Amazon.
The company behind Louis Vuitton wants to make 24 Sèvres the online home of luxury shopping

LVMH which owns brands like Dior, Fendi, Givenchy and Prada, in addition to LV, is the epitome of luxury. And now, with 24 Sèvres, the company has what it hopes can become the main online destination for high-fashion shoppers. CEO Eric Goguey says the site is designed as the web version of Le Bon Marché, an iconic retail space often described as the most selective department store in Paris.

Nintendo Japan has ended production.
It's the end of days for the New 3DS in Japan

Late last month, we reported that while the Nintendo 3DS wasn't dead, it didn't really make sense to buy one anymore. After all, the Switch serves the purpose of both console and handheld gaming. Now, it appears as if Nintendo might agree with us: Their Japanese site indicates that production has ended on the Nintendo New 3DS.

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