Google's personalized Feed is now available worldwide

It'll only appear on Android devices for now, but it's coming to iOS, the desktop and mobile web soon.

Having spent many years honing its algorithms, Google has become the dominant search provider across the world. It'll almost always deliver what you're looking for, but in recent years the company has experimented with ways to bring content to you, rather than expect you to go out and find it. Google's biggest realization of this is the Feed, a personalized stream of mobile cards that are relevant to your interests. When Google added a ton of new features back in July, they were only available to US users, but from today, they're available to all.

Initially, the Feed will only appear inside the Google app on Android devices. However, the company says it's working on extending it to the iOS app, to the Google homepage and to the mobile web. If you do own an Android handset, simply launch the Google app (or swipe right on your homescreen) and the Feed should deliver cards based on what it believes are the most relevant subjects to you.

That might include updates from your favorite sports team (scores, highlights and news), trending news from various different sources, music updates, movie releases and trailers, and stories based on your interests and hobbies.

If something pops up that doesn't interest you, you can simply select the little menu icon and tell Google not to surface content based on that keyword or topic again. Alternatively, if you don't think Google isn't tailoring the app to your liking, you can hit the "Follow" button next to certain search results.

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