Google's quick-loading webpages are getting a better name

'Instant' is definitely much friendlier and easier to understand.

When you see "AMP" next to a search result on mobile, it means that page will load quickly on your phone -- much faster than a page without the label. "AMP" sounds too cold and technical, though, so Google seems to be thinking of using a name that's much easier to understand: Instant. Twitter user Jonathan Jones has spotted the new label and posted a screenshot on the social network. We weren't able to replicate it, but that's not exactly surprising. It's most likely an experimental feature that won't be widely available right now.

As you can see, unlike the grey-colored AMP mark, Instant is in a more eye-catching Messenger blue. Google brought AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages to phones in early 2016. It's a platform that uses up to 10 times less data, so you can load pages quickly even if it's chock-full of videos or images. Someone at Google probably thought renaming it "Instant" makes it a more welcome, friendlier sight in Search results. Unfortunately, we don't know when the new name will roll out, so you'll have to keep an eye out for those three letters for now.