Facebook's food delivery feature now brings Five Guys to all

Their new tool connects you with delivery services like DoorDash.

Facebook is already a place where people can check into restaurants and search recommendations to decide where they're going to eat next. Now, the social media giant is taking that a step further. The company announced today that users in the US can use the platform to order food for takeout and delivery. Previously, this feature was only available to select users. The new service is rolling out today on iOS, Android and the web.

The release cites Five Guys, Panera, Chipotle and Papa John's as a few of the chains that are participating in their program. The really interesting aspect of this, though, is that Facebook isn't just partnering with individual restaurants and fast food joints to get this done. They are combining various delivery services such as ChowNow, EatStreet,, Olo and DoorDash. This provides the user with a one-stop shop to look at everything you can have delivered to your home, rather than having to visit individual apps and websites. Note that some of the larger delivery providers, such as Seamless and Caviar, do not appear to be working with Facebook on this feature.

If Facebook's goal is to allow users to do pretty much everything from within their service, which keeps users engaged, then they're doing a solid job of it with this new development. You do have to create an account with an individual delivery provider if you're ordering through their service on Facebook (say, but you don't have to leave the social network to do it. It's a pretty easy, low effort way to have food delivered right to your doorstep.