Seven Samsung C-Lab projects graduate to full startup status

The companies are being spun out Samsung's in-house business incubator.

Beawiharta Beawiharta / Reuters

Samsung's C-Lab (Creative Lab) program is basically its in-house program to foster new business ideas and opportunities. Today, the company announced that seven C-Lab projects have graduated and are being spun off into separate startups on October 31. According to Samsung, the company "selected the seven new startups for investment based on their business potential and contribution to innovation."

The projects include: Hyperity, which uses VR and AR to control smartphones remotely through virtual screens, and Linkface, which allows for direct control of VR content through eye and face muscle movement. PIXELRO allows people suffering from the age-related eye condition presbyopia to use a smartphone-based fix instead of glasses. BlueFeel is aimed at people who want or need to breathe purified air, but prefer to avoid the restrictive nature of dust masks.

Defind, meanwhile, allows users to take a 3D scan of their foot and be matched to shoes that will fit them perfectly. Soft Launch is comparable to Yelp, but it makes it a point to fight fake reviews. Finally 1Drop provides a low-cost method to measure glucose using a smartphone's camera and LED.

All of the people in charge of these projects go through rigorous training before their endeavors are spun off into startups. Samsung provides support to foster these new businesses; C-Lab has given Samsung wonderful growth opportunities in the past, so it will be interesting to see where these different companies go.