Watch the FCC's net neutrality vote at 10:30AM ET

Hold on to your butts.

Today is the day that the internet as we know it could change dramatically. Starting at 10:30 AM Eastern, FCC chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai is expected to wipe out net neutrality and repeal Title II regulations that classify broadband as a utility. And you can watch it happen at the link below. You might have to wait a bit before Pai almost assuredly enacts the Restoring Internet Freedom ruling, though. There are a few other items he has to get through before potentially enacting detrimental changes to how we access information and use the internet in general.

You could always use that time to catch up on the events leading to today's landmark decision. For example, if you don't quite know what net neutrality and Title II are all about, we've got you covered. Same goes for how the repeal could affect artists and small businesses, or what it means for regional ISPs. Or, if you'd rather get political, you can follow the saga of lawmakers and tech companies petitioning to delay the vote.