Intel teams up with Ferrari for AI-powered drones to analyze races

The footage will help drivers and inform fans.

Normally when you think Intel, your mind wanders to computer chips and those four tones from their commercials. You definitely don't imagine Ferraris racing around a track with drones overhead capturing video and analyzing it with AI. But that's exactly what's going to happen.

At CES, the chipmaker unveiled a partnership with Ferrari North America to deploy during races video-capturing drones that use artificial intelligence. The captured footage will be analyzed in real time and offer up telematic information to drivers and their crews to help them tighten up lap times. Intel also says that the data can be used by broadcasters to help create a race narrative with data not previously available to TV crews.

Of course, the data could also be shared with viewers interested in stats about individual drivers or how the whole pack is taking a certain corner.

Intel says the data gleaned from the cars will be far more detailed than anything a human could produce since the AI will recognize subtle variations that could go unnoticed by a person.

The drone-mounted AI camera system will go live during this year's Ferrari Challenge North America Series.

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