Amazon expects more games for the Echo Button in 2018

This is just the beginning, apparently.


Amazon's Echo Buttons are somewhat-bizarre devices that allow you to add a game-show element to playing trivia with Alexa. Now, it looks like the online retail giant has larger plans for the device. "I think you'll see a lot more games come out this year that take advantage of the buttons," Steve Rabuchin, the vice president of Amazon Alexa, told TechCrunch this week at CES. The plan is to launch more of these gadgets in 2018.

Specifically, Amazon discussed Alexa Gadgets back in December, which are its line of connected-home products and developer tools that will allow third parties to take advantage of these new devices. The idea, Rabuchin told TechCrunch, is that Amazon builds the hardware, and then allows the larger developer community to expand and innovate upon it.

When the Echo Buttons were first announced, it was clear that they'd have to have some other use than just Alexa's trivia to catch on. While they still might be a niche item, the two for $20 price tag is low enough to where, if other developers start creating and adapting games for use with the buttons, they might become a lot more popular.

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