Uber acquires David Chang’s delivery-only ‘restaurant’

The company appears to want to control more parts of its UberEATS food delivery service.

S3studio via Getty Images

Today, Ando, the popular delivery-only New York restaurant from famed Momofuku chef David Chang, shut down operations, as it's been acquired by UberEATS. The restaurant had been working with UberEATS since it launched in 2016, and now it will be fully integrating with the food delivery service.

It's unclear what the timeline here might be, or what the end product might look like. Ando may be absorbed into UberEATS, but it's more likely that the company is looking to have more control over the food it delivers, from beginning to end. This may be a sign that Uber wants to get more serious about the quality of the food it's delivering.

As UberEATS been expanding features, it's made a name for itself in the crowded food delivery market. This latest move signals that the company is entrenched in the sector for the long term.