'Burnout Paradise' is back with a $40 4K remaster March 16th

Expect improved graphics, 60 frames per-second and that sweet, sweet online mode.

Burnout Paradise was one of those rare racers that transcended its genre and was just a killer game. If its recent 10th birthday had you feeling nostalgic, then we've got good news. Come March 16th, you'll be able to hit the streets of Paradise City once again, to the complete original soundtrack, and replete with all 150 cars and eight main expansion packs -- including the "Big Surf Island" premium DLC -- in Burnout Paradise Remastered.

The game will run in native 1080p on PlayStation 4 and Xbox hardware, and EA promises 4K resolution and 60 frames per-second on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. "We've given Burnout Paradise a complete graphics overhaul, with high-resolution textures and a range of technical enhancements designed to deliver all the high-octane chaos with an almost irresponsible level of visual fidelity," EA writes. Check out the image below to see side-by-side comparisons from old to new.

Its expansive multiplayer offering is on tap again as well. Remastered will also feature the entire original soundtrack, with Killswitch Engage and Avril Lavigne unfortunately returning alongside Guns N' Roses' anthemic "Paradise City."

What's tragic here is that EA would rather make money off of Criterion's past achievements (with a new team at the helm) than let the vaunted racing team make a new game. Remastered will set you back $40/£35 and is available for digital pre-order on PS4 and Xbox right now.

If you'd rather not wait, or spend $40, the original game is backwards compatible and costs $15 on Xbox One. Last we checked, the decade-old game's action held up incredibly well and there was a decent online population to boot. And if you're feeling nostalgic for the Burnout series' "crash mode" gametype, you can always check out Danger Zone from former Criterion developers.