Tech Will Save Us' new kits let kids harness electromagnetic energy

The cheap new kits swap out soldering and building blocks for arts and crafts.

In the lead-up to Christmas, the STEM toys are coming thick and fast -- we've seen everything from DIY computers to robotic arms and Lego trains for pre-schoolers. Enter Tech Will Save Us (TWSU) with two new kits that teach kids to learn to play with electromagnetic wireless power and conductive thread (setting them apart from other STEM gear). Both cost $24.99, making for cheap stocking fillers.

Moving beyond the larger-than-life Marvel superheroes and mounds of dough TWSU is known for, the focus here is on demystifying resistors and capacitors by incorporating them into accessories that light up everyday objects.

The "Light Racer" kit, for instance, lets kids build their own bicycle wheel LED lights in the shape of kick-ass lightning bolts straight out of Asgard. The tykes will have to wrap their heads around coils, emitters and capacitors to understand how to generate stronger power and brighter light. Strap them to your bike and they'll shine the closer they get to the hub using electromagnetic wireless electricity.

There's also a new "Sew + Glow" kit for kids who aren't into soldering or building blocks. Mixing traditional arts and crafts with electronics, here kids make their own light-up badges (think glowing pizzas, poop emojis and pups) from templates that can be cut out and sewn together with "electro-thread".

As usual, children can peruse instruction manuals and new projects on the Make Club online hub. Both STEM toys are available online from the TWSU website and in major brick and mortar stores.