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The Morning After: Wi-Fi 6 and LG's five camera phone

And the $15,000 8K TV.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Your new WiFi network will be called WiFi 6, there are rumors of a new Switch console (already?), and Disney made a spray-painting drone. Yesterday was a bumper day for gaming news, too -- fancy playing Civilization on your iPhone or Mario Kart VR? Then we've got something for you.

Will they call it Switch Pro or Switch One X?WSJ: New Nintendo Switch planned for 2019

Nintendo Switch sales are going great, and the company wants to keep them that way. Its plan to do that, the Wall Street Journal reports, will include launching a new version of the convertible console in the second half of 2019. The rumor suggests that instead of a new OLED screen, Nintendo could upgrade the LCD and make one that's thinner with narrower bezels.

Smart.Google Assistant upgrades make it easier to use and easier to spend money on

Google has announced a pair of upgrades for its AI assistant. For users, there's a visual upgrade, with new touch controls and sliders to help do things like manage smart-home devices or edit messages. And on Android phones, you can now simply swipe up from Assistant's screen to see an overview of your day. For developers, it's easy to connect a Google Sign-in, so users can personalize their apps and pay for services with saved credit cards.

WiFi naming is about to get easier to understand.The next generation of wireless networking will be called WiFi 6

WiFi technology has dumb, complicated names. And if you don't know the difference between 802.11n and 802.11ac (loser), fret not -- the Wi-Fi Alliance is about to make things easier. The next version of WiFi -- 802.11ax -- is going to be more simply known as WiFi 6.

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It can spray paint both flat and 3D surfaces.Disney's spray-painting drone could end the need for scaffolding

No, not necessarily that Disney. The animation studio's research arm loves to dabble in some fantastical high-tech concepts like makeup-projecting lamps, group AR experiences and a robot that can backflip. Its latest project is PaintCopter -- a drone that can autonomously spray paint both flat and 3D surfaces. Disney Research says the goal is to be able to paint large surfaces without the need for scaffolding and ladders.

A MOBA for portables.If you like 'League of Legends' or 'Dota', try 'Arena of Valor' for Switch

UK reviews editor Jamie Rigg thought MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games could never work on consoles. And yet he just spent a chunk of his weekend glued to Arena of Valor, a carefully ported mobile MOBA that was released on the Nintendo Switch last week. He's been won over.

I heard you like cameras on your camera phone.Hands-on: Living with the LG V40 ThinQ and its 5 cameras

LG has announced four flagship-scale smartphones in 2018. The V40 is arguably the most ambitious. Sure, the new LG V40 ThinQ packs many of the same specs as rival flagships, but it's also included a whopping five cameras (three rear- and two front-facing), raising the bar for smartphone-camera insanity that you can expect everyone else to copy to some degree -- if it works.

Don't forget to order four HDMI cables.Samsung's 85-inch 8K TV is available to pre-order for $15,000

Samsung's gigantic 8K QLED TV is very nearly available in the US... and you might need to take out a loan to afford it. The company has opened up American pre-orders for the 85-inch Q900 ahead of its October 28th ship date, and it will cost you a staggering $15,000.

The Lion, the Witch and the franchise.Netflix snags the rights to 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

New Chronicles of Narnia adaptations are headed to Netflix, and while details about the plans are light, both films and series are in development.

It's parked up at Washington DC's Union Station.'Mario Kart' VR lands in the US

Mario Kart VR has already graced Japan and London... now it's making a pitstop in the US. Yes, you can (finally) immerse yourself in the cartoonish karting action -- while sitting in a physical vehicle with pedals and a steering wheel -- at Washington DC's Union Station, right now. But you better be quick: Bandai Namco's VR Zone Portal is only in town till March 2019.

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