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EA's Black Friday deals discount 'FIFA 19' and 'Madden 19' by half

NHL 19 and NBA Live 19 are also getting big price cuts.

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Thinking of buying a new console in the Black Friday sales? You may need a side of virtual sports to go with your main course. Enter EA: the publisher is heavily discounting its biggest titles to catch your eye and wallet. On offer are FIFA 19, Madden 19, and NHL 19 (including the Wayne Gretzky 99 Edition), all with 50 percent off their asking price at select retailers from November 22nd through to November 27th. And for basketball fans, there's 60 percent off NBA Live 19, while UFC 3 will be 75 percent cheaper.

Of course, there's more to EA than sports titles. With that in mind, it's slashing 60 percent off The Sims 4, and 75 percent off Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Need for Speed Payback. Elsewhere, gamers can also grab savings in Xbox's Black Friday bonanza (which is already up for Gold Live members) and Nintendo's holidays deals on Switch and Labo bundles.

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