'Apex Legends' update makes its big boys harder to kill

They may be easier to hit, but they'll take more damage.

Respawn technically addressed the overly large hitboxes of some Apex Legends characters with a recent update, but that didn't work as well as expected. The developer has a simple solution, though: make those beefier characters harder to kill. A version 1.1.1 update to the game has bestowed Gibraltar and Caustic with a "Fortified" perk that reduces incoming damage by 10 percent. Gibraltar's Gun Shield is slightly stronger, too. While neither change is enough to throw caution to the wind, you might be more inclined to play if you can better serve as your team's bullet sponge.

The upgrade also does more to reward long-distance shooting with more overall damage, more ammo and more accurate shooting. You might not relish the changes to two mainstays of the game, though. Respawn has toned down the Wingman pistol and Spitfire machine gun with reduced ammo and (in the case of the Spitfire) slightly reduced damage.

Whatever your preferences, you'll have more reasons to play. Respawn is holding Apex's first Battle Pass XP bonus event from now until April 18th at 1PM Eastern, giving you a full bonus Battle Pass level for your first top-five round of the day. It's a familiar tactic for online shooters, but it might be useful if you have yet to max your level.