Gogoro brings its on-demand electric scooter rentals to Taiwan

GoShare will take advantage of Gogoro's swappable batteries.

Gogoro is expanding its on-demand scooter rental service. In August, the two-wheeled, electric Smartscooters will be available as part of a ridesharing program in Taiwan called GoShare. The scooters will use Gogoro's swappable batteries, so instead of stopping to charge the vehicles, riders can pick up a new battery at a GoStation and be back on the road in a matter of minutes.

The Taiwan-based company already sells its Smartscooters in Taiwan, and it operates ridesharing programs in Berlin and Paris. In those cities, Gogoro works with Coup (a subsidiary of automotive-parts supplier Bosch). In Taiwan, GoShare will be fully owned and operated by Gogoro, and the pilot fleet will include about 1,000 Smartscooters.

The GoShare app will show riders nearby, available scooters, as well as their remaining battery capacities. Riders will use the app to upload their driver's license and payment info. Facial recognition tech will authenticate their identification, and when they're ready, the app will unlock their ride. When riders are done, they can park the two-wheeled EVs wherever it's legal to park scooters. Gogoro hopes the end-to-end approach that uses the Gogoro Network, Gogoro Smartscooters and GoShare app will make the ridesharing system easier to use and operate, and therefore more appealing to cities around the globe.