Microsoft is considering foldable devices with liquid-filled hinges

It doesn't guarantee a Surface foldable, but the concept is more feasible.

Microsoft's dreams of dual-screen devices aren't disappearing any time soon. A recent patent filing from the company details a clamshell device concept whose hinge is filled with a liquid or gas to reduce strain on a foldable display and prevent debris from getting inside -- both sore points for foldables as of late. You could close this shut without worrying quite so much about wear and tear.

Notably, the patent comes from Microsoft's technology licensing team. That suggests this isn't necessarily reserved for a specific device, or even Microsoft devices in general. Instead, Microsoft might license the technology to other hardware makers as foldable screens become more practical.

You're unlikely see a foldable Surface tablet at Microsoft's October 2nd event, if you see one at all. While one rumor hinted that the company was relatively far into development of Centaurus, a large dual-screen PC running a stripped-down Windows Lite, that doesn't mean it will have a folding display. Consider this more a glimpse of what future Windows-powered foldables could look like.