'Super Mario Maker 2' update lets you play with friends online

You don't have to play with randos anymore if you don't want to.

Nintendo has finally rolled out the ability to play with friends online in Super Mario Maker 2. The game launched with online co-op and competitive modes, but you could only play with random people via matchmaking. If you wanted to play with friends, it would have to be via local play. According to Nintendo World Report, the company chose not to include online play with friends as one of the game's original features to prevent people from teaming up to dominate the global leaderboards.

The gaming giant eventually changed its tune and promised to add the feature, and that's what update Version 1.1.0 is bringing to the game. You can now search your Switch friends list for someone to play with in either co-op or versus mode for both global and nearby play. You can also select from the courses uploaded to Course World or saved to Coursebot for your game.

In addition to the multiplayer feature rollout, the update also adds voice chat support for the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, as well as touchscreen and button control support when creating courses in handheld mode. You can see everything Version 1.1.0 changes here, or just download the update when it arrives on your Switch.