Instagram will let you reply to Stories with GIFs

It's adding Giphy integration to yet another part of the app.

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NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images

For a couple of years, Instagram users have been able to pull GIFs from Giphy to use as animated stickers in Stories. When your friend posts something that you just have to respond to and words or a static image just won't cut it, you might want to reply with a GIF of your own. And guess what? You can do just that following the app's latest update.

You'll have Giphy's massive library of animations at your disposal, so you'll surely find a perfect GIF you can use to reply to a friend's fire selfie. It's not a massive update, given that Instagram brought Giphy integration to direct messages in 2018 too, but having easy access to GIFs in yet another part of the app is more than welcome.

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