Arlo will require two-step sign-ins for its smart home devices

It's joining Nest and Ring in demanding tougher security measures.

Arlo is following the leads of Nest and Ring in requiring tighter security for its smart home devices. It's warning customers that it'll require two-factor authentication for accounts by the end of 2020. As it explained in a support guide, you'll have to either respond to a push notification or a less secure text message whenever you sign in with a new device. Email security codes will be available as an "automatic back-up option."

Of the three smart home security companies, only Ring's two-factor requirement is active today. Nest's is due to take effect sometime in the second quarter. Still, Arlo's move is an important start. There's a mounting concern that intruders can use security cameras and other connected devices to spy on and harass homeowners. Two-step logins won't guarantee that your account stays secure, but they will raise the base level of security and prevent attackers from 'casually' hijacking some of your most important devices.