Save $60 on Master & Dynamic’s much-improved true wireless earbuds

This is a deal of the day, so the price won’t last long.

Master & Dynamic's improved true wireless MW07 Plus earbuds are on sale for $240 via Best Buy today. That's a $60 savings off one of the company's newest models. It's a deal of the day, so this price won't last for long. If you're in the market for true wireless earbuds, you may want to take a look before the discount disappears.

Buy Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus on Best Buy - $240

With the MW07 Plus, Master & Dynamic managed to deliver its trademark sound while correcting some of the key issues its original MW07 earbuds had. Unlike the predecessor, the MW07 Plus model offers decent battery life, strong Bluetooth range, active noise cancellation (ANC) and increased water resistance (IPX5). When Engadget reviewed the earbuds, we gave them high praise (86).

The MW07 Plus offers 10 hours of battery life on a single charge -- more than double the 3.5 hours that the MW07 was capable of. The shiny stainless steel carrying case packs three full charges, in addition to what the earbuds can hold, so that's a total of 40 hours of listening time. Conveniently, the case has LED indicators that display green, orange and red to help ballpark the battery level of each earbud, as well as the case. Sadly, there is no wireless charging.

This newer model has Bluetooth 5.0, which should be enough range to put some distance between your earbuds and your device without experiencing a stutter or dropout. The left earbud has a volume rocker, which also controls ANC and turns ambient sound on/off. The ANC might not live up to the high standards set by the likes of Sony or Bose, but it does a pretty good job of filtering out your surroundings. And voice prompts will let you know when you're turning ambient sound on or off. On the right earbud, you'll find a single multi-function button for play/pause, skipping tracks or skipping backwards. You can also hold the button to summon your preferred voice assistant.

There are a few drawbacks. For instance, there's no companion app to fine tune settings, but Master & Dynamic has delivered consistent sound quality over the years, and the MW07 are no different. And this deal only applies to the Quartz Black earbuds. You'll have to pay full price if you want them in White Marble or Tortoise Shell.

Still, these are some of the best-sounding earbuds you'll find right now, and at this price, they're on par with the AirPods Pro ($249) and another one of our top picks: Sony's WF-1000XM3 ($230).

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