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The Morning After: AMD teased its Radeon 6000 Series GPU

Disney+s new straight-to-streaming exclusive and some tips for Prime Day.

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October 9th, 2020
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Radeon 6000 preview

So, how many of you actually coughed up $30 to stream Mulan on Disney+? If you wanted to see the flick but didn’t get excited about having a “premier access” VOD tied to your Disney+ subscription, it’s available for a straight-up $30 purchase via the usual digital outlets now, but Disney’s next straight-to-streaming blockbuster will skip the charge.


Pixar’s Soul was scheduled to make its theatrical debut on November 20th, but due to the pandemic, Disney has decided the CG family flick will premiere as a Disney+ exclusive on the morning of December 25th. This is a return to form for Disney, which also yanked Artemis Fowl from the theatrical schedule and sent it home via Disney+ earlier this year, and we’d be surprised to see anyone else attempt a Mulan-style home video launch before more theaters open their doors again.

— Richard Lawler

AMD's Ryzen 9 5900X is its first Zen 3 CPU

And here’s a hint of the next-gen Radeon GPU's 4K performance

Zen 3

AMD just unveiled its first chip on the new Zen 3 platform: the $549 Ryzen 9 5900X, which will be released on November 5th. The company says it’ll be able to reach even higher boost speeds than before and offer 19 percent faster instructions per clock (IPC), which describes overall performance. 

What makes the Zen 3 architecture so special? AMD CTO Mark Papermaster says the company reworked the architecture’s core design to create a unified 8-core complex, which lowers instruction latency and lets every core directly reach the chip’s L3 cache. That’ll be especially useful for gaming and other latency sensitive tasks, like streaming your gameplay to Twitch. Overall, he said Zen 3 will offer 24 percent faster performance per watt compared to Zen 2, and it’ll be 2.4x faster than Zen 1.

Then AMD closed its presentation with the benchmark of a Radeon 6000 ‘Big Navi’ GPU, paired with the company’s new Ryzen 5900x CPU, running Borderlands 3 at 4K and a consistent 60 frames per second at the game’s “Badass” quality preset.
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Adidas' Strung shoe is threaded together by a sewing robot

Color-coded threads lace together an upper that’s both strong and light.


Adidas thinks it’s found an even smarter way to make uppers that are lighter and stronger than ever before. The Futurecraft.Strung (sorry, STRUNG) is a proof-of-concept sneaker with an upper made from individually wound threads. 

The company says that it’s the first “Coded” product, tweaked to suit a specific athletic profile, which should mean other styles will also be catered for in future. The first shoe will be, circumstances permitting, available at some point in late 2021 or early 2022 for an as-yet undetermined price.
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Alienware's new Aurora R11 desktop comes with a custom-fitted RTX 3090 GPU

Bundled with a 10th-gen Core i9 CPU and 4TB of storage at a price of about $5,000.

Alienware R11

NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series GPUs are nearly impossible to find right now, but if you’re looking for an entire PC as well, Dell has some options. Its Alienware division unveiled the latest Aurora R11 gaming desktops that come with NVIDIA RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards, custom made by Dell to improve cooling. They feature 10mm copper heat pipes, integrated vapor chambers, dual axial fans with positive rear pressure relief and shorter lengths, all aimed at reducing heat to boost gaming speeds.
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'Star Wars: Squadrons' is a perfectly pitched VR game

It works with or without a headset.

Star Wars Squadrons

Nick Summers played through half of the game’s campaign in VR and half on his living room TV. According to Nick, “I’m torn between the two experiences, and that’s a good thing.”
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