AMD’s RX 7600 graphics card promises smooth 1080p gaming for lower $269 price

It could be the best 1080p gaming card for the price.


AMD has just announced its latest entry-level graphics card, the RX 7600. It will live alongside the RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX, which share the same RDNA 3 architecture, but have more fans, higher clock speeds and more memory. The RX 7600 comes in at a lower $269 price point, compared to the outgoing RX 6600. The company says that the new GPU will comfortably play most games at 1080p resolution and at least 60 fps, with most popular games exceeding that mark.

The RX 7600 includes 8GB of GDDR6 memory with 18Gbps of memory throughput. AMD says that 8GB is the sweet spot for 1080p gaming and that an unsurprising 65 percent of gamers choose to game at 1080p. Compared to the RX 6600, AMD claims that you’ll get 29 percent better graphics performance on average. Hopefully, the new card will be less of a mess than the 6600, especially at the lower price. As we saw in our review, the RX 6600 had lackluster ray tracing and limited upscaling abilities. Not to mention, the pricing was all over the place thanks to the parts shortage during the product’s release cycle.

The card doesn’t max out at 1080p resolution, either. AMD claims that you’ll be able to play 260 games at a higher 1440p resolution with the help of AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution. Though, you will likely be dipping below 60fps for certain titles if you choose to play at higher resolutions.

The card has some benefits for streamers, as well. AMD says the RX 7600 will be able to encode the AV1 video codec at the hardware level. This enables higher-quality video at lower file sizes, while retaining the same streaming bitrate. That’s great news for anyone who prefers streaming their games on YouTube.

The AMD Radeon RX 7600 is available starting today for $269.