Apple's latest 'Foundation' trailer features an enormous space elevator

The blockbuster sci-fi series premieres on September 24th.

Apple TV+

Ahead of the show's Apple TV+ premiere on September 24th, Apple has offered another look at its latest sci-fi saga, Foundation. The latest trailer doesn't reveal too much about the story, but it has some impressive visuals.

The clip features a elevator that, according to showrunner David S. Goyer, stretches around 26 miles into space. There's also a floating visualization of a supercomputer that takes design cues from a Möbius strip. Goyer told IGN that he challenged his production team to find a look that didn't remind viewers of Star Wars or Star Trek, perhaps the two biggest linchpins of science fiction. In any case, it's clear Apple hasn't skimped on the budget.

The show seems to be much more about humanity more than eye-popping visual effects, though. Based on a series of Isaac Asimov novels, Foundation centers around a group of exiles who try to protect the future of civilization after leader Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) uses data to predict the fall of the Galactic Empire. What's left of the Empire isn't too thrilled about that, and it tries to suppress Seldon's group.

The story plays out over the course of a millennium. The first season will run for 10 episodes, with the first two episodes dropping at the same time and the remainder hitting Apple TV+ on a weekly basis.

Apple TV+ has more sci-fi projects on the way. Invasion, oddly enough, is a series about an alien invasion. It debuts on October 22nd. A couple of weeks later, on November 5th, Apple will release Finch, a movie starring Tom Hanks as an inventor who hits the road with his dog and a robot. A third season of For All Mankind is also in the works.