Ryan Reynolds' 'Free Guy' movie won't hit theaters in December

No word on a new date or streaming availability either.

20th Century Studios

As the pandemic continues to rage on and with recent spikes plunging many countries in Europe back into lockdown, movie studios once again have to delay production on upcoming films. This means they are quickly running out of new titles to release. Disney appears to be trying to avoid that by saving some already-finished movies for later, with Deadline reporting that the distributor has pulled films like Free Guy and Death On The Nile off its December release calendar. There’s no word yet on a new date or streaming availability for these titles.

Originally set for a July 3rd premiere, Free Guy was delayed till December 11th due to the pandemic. It stars Ryan Reynolds as a non-player character in a video game who realizes he’s in a virtual world, Taika Waititi as a game-developer and Jodie Comer as the player Milly. Based on the trailer, it seems Reynolds’ character realizes he has to save his virtual world from crisis while fielding challenges from the real (our) world.

With no new release date in sight, it’s unclear when we can expect to catch Free Guy on the silver screen, and it’s unclear if the title will be available for streaming at home either. If you’re making plans for your holiday viewing, it might be worth keeping an eye on release schedules in case more films get postponed due to the pandemic.