Neon White, Tchia and a bunch of other titles are coming to Game Pass this month

Journey to the Savage Planet and Annapurna Interactive's Flock will also be available on the service.


A number of pretty good titles are coming to Microsoft's Game Pass this month for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, including Engadget staff favorites Neon White and Tchia. Neon White is a first-person shooter and puzzle platformer, wherein you play the part of an assassin taken from Hell to exterminate demons in Heaven in an annual competition. It was one of Engadget's best games for 2022, and we praised it for being smooth and fast-paced, having complex weapons and having almost 100 replayable levels to go through.

Meanwhile, Tchia is one of our top game picks for 2023. In the charming action-adventure game, you play the role of Tchia, a young girl who has to find and rescue her kidnapped father. Tchia uses her power of "soul jumping" to take control of animals and inanimate objects in order to solve puzzles, find items, fight enemies and travel to new areas. Both Neon White and Tchia will be available on Game Pass starting on July 11.

Before that, on July 3, Journey to the Savage Planet is returning to the Game Pass library. In the game, you play an explorer for a company called Kindred Aerospace, traveling across galaxies and planets and interacting with alien life forms. Meanwhile, a game called Flock published by Annapurna Interactive will be available on the service on July 16, the same day it's released. It's a multiplayer co-op game, where you play shepherd to a flock of flying creatures. But if you want to play something food-related, the cooking game Magical Delicacy will also arrive on the cloud gaming service on the same day.