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Razer updates its Iskur gaming chair with a ‘6D’ lumbar system for CES 2024

The company also has an 11-port USB-C dock and a mountable light bar.


Razer’s new accessories at CES 2024 are every bit as lavish as you’d expect. At this year’s convention, the company has a follow-up to its first gaming chair, an 11-port USB-C dock, a gaming cushion with HD haptics and a monitor-mounted light bar with Chroma RGB illumination.

Quick Overview

The Razer Iskur V2 Gaming Chair is the successor to the 2020 original. The new model’s highlight is its “6D Adjustable and Adaptive Lumbar Support System.” Described as the only one of its kind, the lumbar support has a spring-loaded mechanism to adjust to the body’s weight and posture, alongside manual controls for the lumbar area’s protrusion and height.

Product marketing photo showing a person's palm pressing down on the cushy-looking seat with a gray pattern. Closeup of the chair's seat.

Razer says it gathered feedback from ergonomics experts and esports communities in designing the Iskur V2. The chair can recline up to 152 degrees and lets you control its tilt. It includes high-density foam cushions and is made of EPU-grade synthetic leather. The company describes it as offering “extensive customization in height, position, and angle,” and it has a memory foam head cushion.

The Iskur V2 costs $650 and is available to order today from Razer’s website.

Product marketing photo of the Razer USB C Dock. The hub sits on a desk with a gaming laptop behind it. It has several open ports and an SD Card halfway out. It sits on a dark blue desk with dramatic shadows.

Razer also has a new 11-port dock compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, iPads and Chromebooks. On the port front, the Razer USB C Dock has four USB-A, two USB-C, a gigabit ethernet, HDMI, a 3.5mm audio combo jack and slots for UHS-I SD and microSD.

The dock’s HDMI port can output up to 4K at 60Hz, and its audio jack supports 7.1 surround sound. The accessory is made from an aluminum alloy, and its USB ports support 85 W laptop charging.

The Razer USB C Dock costs $120 and is available today from Razer.

Following its 2022 acquisition of Interhaptics, Razer is showcasing Project Esther, “the world’s first HD haptics gaming cushion,” which sounds like it could have been made from a CES-themed Mad Lib. The cushion hasn’t been announced as a commercial product (at least not yet), but it’s designed to flaunt Razer Sensa haptics.

Similar to the size and shape of standalone chair massagers, the Project Esther chair mat stretches along where you sit up across the back. Devs can control Sensa’s “directionality, multi-actuator experiences, and multiple-device integration between different platforms and peripherals.” The tech is plug-and-play, automatically converting audio to HD haptics.

The chair offers “wideband, high-definition haptics,” thanks to 16 built-in actuators. It has adjustable straps, and Razer says it’s compatible with most gaming and office chairs. (If it ever makes it to market, it could perhaps help the haptic-obsessed save money on gaming chairs.) It supports low-latency connections to ensure its rumbles stay synced without delay with your gaming or media content.

Product marketing image of Razer's Aether Monitor Light Bar. The elongated bar, viewed from an angle, emits RGB lighting above, behind and below.

Razer loves RGB lighting, and the company has a new bar to prove it. The Aether Monitor Light Bar is a mountable accessory with front- and rear-facing LEDs.

The light bar has a Color Rendering Index (CRI, a rating of color accuracy) score of 95 and can light a 60cm x 30cm (about 2 x 1 feet) area. Its Chroma RGB lighting supports over 16.8 million colors and “a myriad of lighting effects.”

The bar also includes capacitive touch controls. Its brightness, color temperature and Chroma effects are all user-customizable. It supports the Matter smart home standard, and users can tweak its settings through the Razer Gamer Room app.

The Aether Monitor Light Bar will be available in March for $130.

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