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Reverb’s summer sale's event brings deals from Korg, UAD and more

Shop from today until August 7th.

Universal Audio

Reverb is hosting a summer sale's event from now until August 7th, allowing you to nab great music gear at a discount. The Summer of Savings sale boasts products from hundreds of well-regarded manufacturers, including Universal Audio, Novation, Gibson, Warm Audio and plenty more.

So what are the best deals? This depends on what you’re into and whether you are more of a practicing musician or a bedroom studio producer. For budding engineers, nab the Universal Audio Volt 276 Studio Pack for $300 instead of $430, which features the well-reviewed Volt 256 audio interface, a condenser microphone and a pair of headphones. You also get a month of access to Universal Audio’s Spark subscription plug-in service.

This comes with a Volt 276 audio interface, headphones, a condenser mic and cables. 

$300 at Reverb

For synth-heads, there’s the ultra-premium Novation Summit polyphonic synthesizer, which you can pick up for $430 off the regular price of $2,300. Novation makes plenty of well-regarded pieces of gear, but the Summit is the company’s flagship keyboard, with 61 keys, 16 simultaneous voices, a semi-weighted keybed and the ability to combine two patches to create unique multitimbral sounds.

You can also pick up entry-level Fender Squier electric guitars for $100 off and more Korg synthesizers and workstations than you can shake an oscillating stick at. There are also deals on pedals, midi controllers, bass guitars, audio interfaces and, well, just about everything else. Peruse the full list at your leisure.

Just like Cinderella and her punk rock pumpkin, these deals have an expiration date. The sale ends on August 7th. In other words, make haste if you plan on beating the heat by fiddling with musical instruments behind air conditioned doors.