Summer Game Fest 2024: What to expect and how to watch games revealed live

From Xbox and Nintendo to wholesome games and Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Jessica Conditt for Engadget

E3 might be dead and buried but there's still a ton of gaming news to look forward to in the coming days as Summer Game Fest 2024 is standing in the old expo's stead. SGF has gradually taken on more importance over the last few years as an umbrella for all the various game showcases that take place each June.

From June 7 until June 10, a string of SGF events will highlight dozens of games. The big announcements will all be livestreamed for you to watch at home but there's also an in-person component to SGF. Engadget will have boots on the ground to bring you some extra insight as well as our impressions of many of the games featured throughout the event.

For those of you who'll be enjoying the festivities from afar, here's the lowdown on how to watch Summer Game Fest 2024 and what to expect.

How to watch: YouTube and Twitch

We've seen some major announcements at the two-hour tentpole SGF showcase over the last few years, but it seems the 2024 edition will be more muted. SGF organizer and host Geoff Keighley has tried to temper expectations by saying that most of what's shown this year will be new info on previously announced games.

He has confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds, Kingdom Come 2: Deliverance and Metaphor: Refantazio (a fantasy JRPG from the team behind Persona) will get some time in the spotlight. Also on deck are the release date for free co-op shooter The First Descendant, a peek at 3D fighter Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero and a look at the Among Us animated series.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts IV, The Wolf Among Us 2 and Ken Levine's definitely-not-BioShock followup to BioShock Judas will not be featured. There will be some fresh reveals, though maybe try to keep your hype levels in check for this one. "There definitely are things that are being announced but this is not a show that has a lot of like 'coming in 2026' or '2027', or teasers for games that are years and years out," Keighley said.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: Moderate.


How to watch: YouTube (the same stream as SGF Live above) and Twitch

Day of the Devs is a reliably great showcase of upcoming indie games. The team always manages to assemble a collection of diverse and intriguing titles. Last year's Game Awards edition, for instance, included peeks at Open Roads, Crow Country and Mars After Midnight, all of which we've enjoyed so far this year. I inevitably end up adding at least four or five games from Day of the Devs to my Steam wishlist, so it's a must watch.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: Team Cherry is an indie studio, but nope.

How to watch: YouTube (the same stream as SGF Live above) and Twitch

Devolver Digital's annual helping of chaos is once again upon us. The publisher's reliably kooky Direct stream will include details on at least a few games. Here's hoping we get release dates for The Plucky Squire and Skate Story, the latter which has been at the top of my to-play list for a couple of years. Both titles are supposed to be arriving in 2024, so now would be a great time for an update. Keep your fingers crossed for details on man-baby walking simulator Baby Steps amid the "exciting new reveals" Devolver has planned.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: Highly unlikely.

How to watch: YouTube and Twitch (ASL option)

This could well be the biggest showcase of the week in terms of major game announcements. It’s the first time that Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda and Activision Blizzard have all been part of one of these events.

Microsoft has quite a few games and major updates on its 2024 slate. We’ll likely get details and or release dates on Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Avowed, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Starfield and Diablo IV expansions and the next season of Overwatch 2. Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of Arkane Lyon's Blade game too. Expect to hear about more titles that are on the way to Game Pass, and possibly additional first-party games making the leap over to PlayStation and Switch.

For many, the main event will take place after the main showcase as we’ll learn all about Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. The next installment of the series is likely set during the Gulf War. It’s the first Call of Duty title that will be available on Game Pass on its release day. It marks a major risk for Microsoft in foregoing sales of boxed copies of the game in favor of a boost in subscriber numbers.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: Medium to high. The last we heard much about the game was at this showcase in 2022.

How to watch: YouTube (with English subtitles, audio description and American Sign Language options) and Twitch

Monday is going to be a busy ol' day for the Engadget crew as we'll be rolling straight from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote into Ubisoft Forward. The publisher has a couple of major games lined up for the rest of the year in Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and it's promising "exclusive looks" at both.

XDefiant will get the same treatment. We'll probably hear about what's next for some of Ubisoft's other ongoing games, such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Skull and Bones, and perhaps some future plans for The Division. Ubisoft Forward will have a preshow and a postshow, so there's lots ahead from the company.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: Unless [shudders] Ubisoft suddenly buys Team Cherry, nil.

FILE - This photo shows a balloon of the Mario character of Mario Bros. during an event in Tokyo, on Feb. 15, 2024. Japanese video-game maker Nintendo said Tuesday, May 7, 2024 that it will make an announcement about a successor to its Switch home console sometime before March 2025. (AP Photo/Hiro Komae, File)

How to watch: YouTube

The house that Mario built has assured the world that there will be a Nintendo Direct sometime in June, but it has yet to announce the particulars. One thing that will not be a factor in this showcase is the successor to the Nintendo Switch. While the company has pledged to announce its next flagship system by next March, it will not be doing so here.

Chances of a Hollow Knight: Silksong appearance: High, especially if Xbox doesn't feature it.

And that's not all, folks. There are several other showcases taking place over the coming days. Atlus is hosting a YouTube stream dedicated to Metaphor: ReFantazio on Friday at 9PM ET. Saturday in particular has a bunch to check out, including the Future of Play Direct, Wholesome Direct (both of which feature family-friendly games), the Latin American Games Showcase and a Women-Led Games stream. These will run throughout the day, starting at 11AM ET. On Sunday, the PC Gaming Show will follow the Call of Duty Direct at 4PM ET.