VR experience creator The Void is reportedly planning a comeback

It's headed by a former investor who holds key assets and IP.

The Void

The Void, which created in-person VR experiences but was forced to shutter its business last year during the pandemic, may be coming back. A former investor may be planning to relaunch it with key employees after acquiring the IP and other assets, according to a report from Protocol.

In its heyday, The Void counted investors like Disney and Comcast, and created high-profile VR titles like Avengers: Damage Control, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and Ghostbusters: Dimension. It created theme park-type centers that allowed visitors to don VR headsets, backpacks and tactile vests to explore VR worlds complete with real-life touches like functioning doors and other props.

Unfortunately, the company's choice to launch in high-end malls saddled it with debt, and the pandemic eventually forced it to close. After seeking protection from creditors, it transferred assets to a holding company which planned to resell them or relaunch after the pandemic. It ended up doing the former, selling its business to a company called Hyper Reality Partners (HRP) earlier this year.

HRP has reportedly signed key employees who previously worked for The Void, including its Chief Creative Officer Curtis Hickman and VPs of Content Jason Howard and Steve Shaiken. According to a placeholder page on the site, "The Void [and HRP] are now entering a period of rapid expansion and are looking for more talented team members to join us. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of VR and the entire entertainment industry."

In its prior incarnation, The Void spent millions developing its own Oculus-based headset, VR backpacks and accessories. However, it supposedly plans to relaunch with new equipment, possibly because the old gear has been made obsolete by lighter devices and new standalone headsets. It's reportedly also looking to open its own, larger venues with non-VR attractions along with food and beverage services. There's no timeline for that yet, but its first new location will reportedly be in Las Vegas.