Xfinity Mobile says its new data plans include 5G at no extra cost

Get faster speeds at no additional charge.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Xfinity Mobile has launched a set of new data plans that include 5G for free. Whether customers pay by the gig, or for an unlimited data package, they’ll be able to access 5G services across 31 major cities in the US for no extra charge. Of course, as they’re new plans the 5G element will have been built in to the pricing structure, so it’s not quite technically “free.”

In any case, there are two straightforward choices available: pay by the gig which starts at $15 for 1GB, rising to $30 for 3GB and then $60 for 10GB, or Unlimited, which costs $45 a month per line. Xfinity’s mix-and-match data options are still applicable, so you can switch up the amount of data you need at any point during the billing cycle.

It’s fair to say that the global adoption of 5G has been a little shaky. From scarce infrastructure to wild conspiracy theories, the latest generation of connectivity hasn’t seen the same smooth rollout as its predecessors. But as it gradually becomes more mainstream, network providers are looking at ways to get more customers on board — Xfinity’s offering sets a pretty decent benchmark.