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December 30th 2013 12:09 pm

Biggest tech misfires of 2013

On the Engadget blog, Brian Heater sums up some of the biggest tech misfires of 2013.
  • Microsoft gets DRM-happy with the Xbox One
  • The NSA gets caught reading everyone's email
  • DMCA phone-unlocking ban is back in action
  • Pretty much everything Blackberry
  • OUYA's lukewarm launch
Is there anything missing from this list? Who do you think had a particularly rough time in 2013?

Via: www.engadget.com­/2013­/12­/30­/techs­-biggest­-misfires...

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Maybe I would include Ubuntu. They tried so hard to kickstarter their Ubuntu Edge smartphone, and they didn't even reach half their goal.
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That felt so much like a desperate "ME TOO" campaign. Ubuntu is trying to keep in peoples mind as everyone begins to move away from dedicated computers to more mobile devices.
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I would probably add the SimCity launch to this list. Absolute debacle of a launch, removed a number of features compared to the earlier editions, and nearly 9 months later it's still a pile of crud (albeit a more stable pile of crud).
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The Surface 2. Even after the renewed push, I have never met a soul who owns one and I work in IT at a small college and know tons of people. I have never even heard anyone say they want one except online, and who knows if those are real people or marketing astroturfers?
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I have a cousin that bought one! But yeah I don't think the surface 2 hit its stride

However, the original surface RT sold very well on black friday here at the price point of $199 or $250 with cover.
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I feel like OUYA could have been lumped into a category of "Android game consoles" because I think all of them set out to do the same thing and every single one has been met with low reception.

I think Microsoft definitely botched up the DRM issue on the Xbox, but I think it also got blown completely out of the water. I think they were effectively trying to capture the same feel that Valve did with Steam. It was just a matter of poor execution.
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If we want to be all-inclusive, we could say "all Kickstarter hardware that isn't the Pebble." :)
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I think the concept is one that could work well if executed correctly, but as it stands, the OUYA failed in many ways. The nVidia shield is good but its "No Compromise for gamers" approach really hold it back as the design is pretty much hideous, and it's too expensive for most people. I would think, if nVidia built upon the Shield, making a slimline redesign, it could work well, given the fact that they have a decent amount of dev support, and they have the feature of automatically mapping physical controls to the touch ones for incompatible games.
Or even an Ouya / nVidia collaboration for a console would pretty awesome, but that is just wishful thinking.
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DICE's Battlefield 4 launch was plagued with so many issues the first week of release that DICE's parent company EA's stock took a 8.28% drop because of angry users and as a result DICE had to cease development on other games to fix bf4's issues. Although, many of the big issues were fixed in patches released a couple weeks after the launch, and the game is amazingly fun now.

For the first week the main multiplayer game type Conquest did not work for anyone, users experienced annoyingly getting disconnected from games they did manage to connect to, as well as the game crashing all together and kicking them out to their console home screen often. (www.forbes.com­/sites­/briansolomon­/2013­/12­/05­/elect...)

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For me it was the sheer utter lack of innovation and forward thinking in the game industry I did not buy a single title all year long I'm not a first person shooter fan Im a rhythm game and race fan Im also a fan of titles like Heavenly Sword (PS3) and of the Ratchett and Clank series. All the games this year seemed rehash old crap reusing reducing and recycling what had come before maybe I missed a gem or too (anyone one willing to point out a couple?) but seriously the game industry is prepping itself to fail and is going to blame us for lack of sales. I understand with the launch of 2 next gen consoles this year most game devs were simply marking time till the new apis were out for them to really dig in. But as one who wont be buying either an xBox one or a PS4 (why should I they are barely acceptable mid range gaming computer quality) Im still looking for innovative titles or at least family fun titles on the PS3 (Im over my xBox anyone want to buy it?) Yes lets hope this year is the year of the mind blowing game
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If you like rhythm/music heavy games check out Sound Shapes.
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checked it out didnt care for the style or the flat graphics
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We talk about it in our biggest stories of 2013, but the uncarrier concept to me is a misfire. With AT&T Next, for example, it sounds like a good deal when in reality, it's not. I had a good friend get scammed when buying an iPhone 5s on launch week, when you really meter out the "monthly fee" for the phone, over two years, it ends up way, way higher than buying the phone under contract.
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