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July 25th 2014 10:48 am

How would you change the BlackBerry Q10?

BlackBerry was slow to see the danger of touchscreen phones, which meant that BlackBerry 10 was a year or so too late to arrive. When it did, however, the company launched the all-touch Z10 first, alienating the keyboard-loving faithful that clung to BlackBerry in its darkest days. But when the Q10 finally came, our Tim Stevens found it to be painfully average -- and the subsequent year hasn’t been kind to either the device or the company. But lets talk about the hardware itself, talk to us about your experiences and what, if anything would you change?

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I look after a bunch of powerful executives mobile needs so here is my distilled review:
Needs trackpad, if ONLY to present a reliable way to move/locate the cursor. The "Fat finger over the location of target model blows. Dont do it.
Needs to be TOUGH. The 9800 could handle the 13000 contacts my users commonly have with ease. The Q10 become laggy, crashy and generally rage inducing with this many contacts.
Needs to be consistent. The "swipe gestures" dont always do the same thing every time...
Is missing the "blocking mode" or "Quite times" functions that were loved in the 9800. in fact it should not lose ANY software feature they had in the 9800. Taking such a big step backwards after wearing in such faithful customers that Blackberry users are is unforgivable. I suspect Blackberry will not recover because of this stupid, stupid mistake.
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There's a new "Classic" BB10 model coming out in November that includes a larger screen and the classic BlackBerry "toolbelt" with the hardware phone keys and a trackpad.
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so that addresses one.. maybe two of the issues. Still doesn't deal with the abomination that is their version of QNX.
Dont get me wrong. I like QNX, but blackberry's Phone version is horridly inconsistent and unreliable.
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If you consider BB10 to be an "abomination" then I'd say you're something of an outlier; most users--even from other platforms--have given it high marks in terms of overall navigation and performance.
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Its the executive user base that all had 9800's prior to trying the Q10. Its their description.
Its not intuitive, it's not consistent and its not ROBUST.
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I only have 6,000 contacts on my Bold 9900; two essentials are:
  • trackpad and belt
  • "Categories" for contacts, etc.
It's now December...the Classic is out, but NO Categories.

Will purchase a used Bold as backup.
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hardware's fine. needs android
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It essentially HAS Android at this point. The vast majority of Android apps (right up to Jelly Bean) install and run just fine. When 10.3.1 drops around the end of the year, compatibility will improve even further.

When you consider the number of Android apps that run on BB10 now along with the number of native BB10 apps in the catalog, BlackBerry has a healthier ecosystem than Amazon now.
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Good news: almost all Android apps now run as of 10.2.1! Bad news: the Q models' small square screen will sometimes mean crucial buttons on an app are out of scope of the screen, and unreachable.

Two solutions: on the upcoming Passport, the square screen is so massive that an entire 16:9 portrait-oriented app can be presented comfortably. On these phones, though, BlackBerry needs to find a way for the user to scroll up and down when the whole app is too big for the screen.
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Make it wider. Make it squarer. Make the aspect ration more portrait-friendly. Make it Passport-sized.
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Put Android on it.
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I love screen size cause it matches the 9810 Torch in a non slide form factor. The issues in BB10 for BB diehards are the missing features of BB7:

Can't figure out how to natively shortcut a spreadsheet to homescreen or rather to my 'productivity' folder. I find deleting messages to require too many taps and it annoys me every time(I have it set to 'prompt' if deleting from hub and server, some emails I like to address on desktop and I hate the prompt menu style). There's a couple other things too i can't remember that might seem minor but really slow you down in productivity. EDIT: One is that Blackberry Protect is gimped on BB10, I miss daily backups to cloud that I had with BB7. Breaking a device and being up and running with another in a hot minute was so nice.

As someone else mentions the trackpad would be so so nice but i suspect screen size would suffer.

In dreamland, an 'extend' mode over hdmi would be cool, (or some kind of split screen option on the z30 :p)
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